Inniskillin Ice Wine Oak Aged Vidal 375ml

Vidal Niagara Canada
Since winning the most prestigious of all possible international accolades, the esteemed Grand Prix d'Honneur, Inniskillin's Icewines have been consistently lauded and awarded at wine events everywhere. The aromatic and hardy French hybrid grape Vidal, is ideal for making Niagara Icewine. Not only is it a long and steady ripener, it offers rich full aromas and flavours balanced by a bracing acidity. When wines made of Vidal are oaked and aged, the luscious tropical fruit characters are enhanced by creamy vanilla and caramel notes.
Inniskillin were the first Ontario winery to be licensed since 1929. Inniskillin's precious Icewines can only be achieved through the super concentration of fruit characters won over by late picking under very cold temperatures. Harvested at the pinnacle of Canada's crisp winter, the grapes are naturally frozen on the vine and picked when the temperature drops below -10Celsius. Only a few drops of luscious nectar can be extracted from each bunch. The juices are guided through the fermentation process to achieve the rich and alluring qualities that are Icewine. Maturation in a combination of finely grained, small oak casks has developed wonderful aromatic complexity and enhanced the palate. Approx 9.0%
Golden hues. Fine aromatics of apricot and pear, nectarine and citrus, ginger and almondine. Ripe peach characters, rancio bouquets with overtones of marmalade and tangerine crepes Suzettes. With intense flavours on the palate, mango, lychee and apricot, the wine's ample natural acidity is softened with a creamy vanilla note afforded by the oak ageing. Smoothly polished in a dazzling and delicately effervescent finish.
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