Tyrrells Lost Block Semillon 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Semillon Hunter Valley New South Wales
The heritage of Tyrrell is inextricably linked to the history of wine in Australia, it's the story of pioneers, men and women who transformed the Hunter Valley, planted grapes and looked for better ways to make wine. Lost Block was named after the 1993 vintage when it was mistakenly allowed to ripen for a longer period than usual, you could say that Tyrrell lost the plot, the quality of wine made from the harvest however was amazing. A seamlessly balanced wine of soft Semillon fruit characters before a clean, crisp finish.
To pre-empt an impending storm in 1993, the Tyrrell's vineyard team were hurried onto sites to pick parcels of fruit which were unlikely to survive a deluge. Some weeks later, the manager discovered to his surprise, an overlooked and unpicked block of over ripe Semillon. Thankfully, the quality of the finished wine was so impressive that Tyrrells continue the tradition each year by intentionally mislaying the Lost Block. Parcels of exclusively Hunter Valley Semillon are vinified and held in contact with yeast lees to add richness and complexity, prior to filtration and prompt bottling, to ensure freshness and preserve the expression of the vineyard. Alcohol 11.0%
Pale lime colour. Clean soft Semillon fruit characters with citrus sherbet overtones. The wine has a crisp, clean, citrusy palate with a clean, slight minerally finish. Lost Block is a medium bodied, unoaked style that exhibits balanced acidity and refreshing fruit flavours. The concentrated and quenching qualities make Lost Block perfect as a pre dinner pairing to hors d 'oeuvres or as accompaniment to salads, poultry and seafood.
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