Witchmount Estate Shiraz 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

Shiraz Sunbury Victoria
The diligent efforts of Witchmount's dedicated viticultural team have placed Sunbury indelibly on the world of wine map, after claiming a significant gold medal win at the prestigious Rhone Valley Syrah du Monde. The excellence of Witchmount's superlative wines are based around parcels of closely managed Shiraz, cultivated by a grower who was raised amongst his vines and knows each planting intimately. A soundly structured, profoundly satisfying, classic style of Victorian, spiced plum, cool clime Shiraz.
Great wine begins in the vineyard and can only be achieved through respect for the land. Hand shoot positioning and close canopy managements are applied, exposing the vines to as much sunshine as possible, fully ripening the grapes as they develop intense, complex flavours. Grapes are crushed and destremmed into open fermenters, the desired level of colour and tannin extractions are achieved through a course of plunging and pumpovers, as temperatures peak to 30°C. Upon completion of primary ferments, the skins are gently pressed and settled. Witchmount is sent for a year's maturation in a selection of French oak barrels before assemblage. Alcohol 14.5%
Deep, dense garnet red. Ripe berry fruit, cherries and apple notes, intergrated oak with pepper and spice overtones. A rich, full bodied palate packed with flavour, supported by a length of ripe grape tannins, closing gently on a supply chewy, fruit filled finish. Perfect with game or rose pink lamb, offers the structure to match game and all full flavoured red meats.
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