Moet Chandon Dom Perignon 1996 CONFIRM 1996 VINTAGE

Pinot Noir Chardonnay French Champagnes, Epernay France
Dom Pérignon is a vibrant, living, perpetually renewed homage that evokes Dom Pierre Pérignon, the spiritual father of Champagne. Dom Perignon defines the maculinity of Pinot Noir while maintaining a taught balance with Chardonnay, an accord that's unique to the Dom Perignon style. A triumph of viticulture and delicate fine tuning that finds its mysterious harmony by reinventing, in a totally unexpected way each time, the mingling of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, to create an experience without peer in the world of luxury and satiation.
Ever since 1668 when the young Pierre Perignon took up his post as cellarer at the Abbey of Hautvillers on a hilltop north of the Marne River, the greatest care has been taken at at every step of the Dom Perignon winemaking process, from a selection of the finest grapes to the declaration of vintage. Growing season 1996 was full of contrasts, summer was wild and unpredictable, what little rain arrived never quite made up for the early drought. It was the influence of north easterly winds as much as the spells of heat before harvest on 16 September, which defined the vintage. Dom Perignon is marked by its maturity, intriguing and ambiguous, with the paradoxical mix of youthfulness and completion.
The most refined efferevescence and delicacy of bubbles, platinum gold hue. White peach and candied lemons, vanilla, praline and white pepper bouquets. A paradoxical vintage where concentration and balance rival each other. The structure asserts itself by being well defined. Concentrated, although momentarily restrained, this vintage opens up dramatically on the palate, leaving a striking and enduring richness.
Moet Chandon
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