Krug Vintage 2000 CONFIRM 2000 VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier Champagne Reims France
Every Krug Vintage is crafted to be different, to reveal the expression of a particular year, its unique character, a special story to tell in a way that Krug alone can relate. Krug decided to create a vintage for the last term of the millennium, naming it Gourmandise Orageuse, a reference to the stormy indulgence of the climatically chaotic growing season. Krug 2000 is a Tour de force that succeeds in being rich, precise and complete all at once. Vintage 2000 is one of the most intense Krug ever, it takes its place amongst the most memorable.
One of the world's greatest family owned estates, operated by three generations of Krug. Vintage 2000 is a statement, Krug's definitive interpretation of the character from an outstanding year. The assemblage contains wines exclusively from the excellent 2000 vintage, fashioned to recount the character of growing season as expressed within the inimitable styling of the House of Krug. The Chef selects young fermented wines which best represent the character of that particular year. The three noble grape varietals are blended into a harmonious wine, the elegance of Chardonnay, the fullness of Pinot Noir, the complexion of Pinot Meunier, all bring elegance and complexity to the finished wine.
Beautiful, intense golden mousse. Aromas of nougat and caramel, freshly baked hazelnut pastries, an enchanting Champagne of astonishing purity and precision. From its creamy, caressing texture, its full, finely balanced palate, to its extraordinarily long finish, a study in harmony, captivating and refined. Red berries and stewed fruit, brioche and almond, gingerbread and citrus. Winsomely woven, already a masterpiece of power and grace.
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