Peter Lehmann Art Soul Riesling 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Riesling Barossa South Australia
The Barossa and Eden Valleys can be proud of a long tradition with Riesling, regarded by many to be the noblest white variety of all. Peter Lehmann takes great care in the handling and vinification of his Riesling, declaring it would be his white wine of choice if cast away on the proverbial desert island! Part of the allure is a multitude of personalities, from aged honey characters to steely, piercing profiles bursting with lemon and lime. Peter Lehmann is a fresher style, it's slightly softer palate is consistent with some of the great Rieslings in the world.
Sourced from good growers tending mature vineyards in the Barossa and Eden Valleys, exhibiting a range of soils and microclimes which translate into a wealth of styles. The team are blessed with a pallette of flavour profiles. Peter Lehmann contracts key parcels of the best grapes and most of these vineyards are between twenty and forty years old. Yields are closely monitored and managed, any supplementary water is used only sparingly. The fruit is picked early, crushed and chilled, the juices immediately separated from the skins to preserve delicacy. Following a cold temperature controlled fermentation, the wine is clarified and promptly bottled to retain the gorgeous qualities of fine Riesling. Alcohol 11.0%
An attractive pale yellow with green hues. A beautifully fragrant nose, fresh floral notes over underlying lime, citrus and nectarine. Spicy fruit florals, the sweet characters of a freshly bathed and powdered baby! The palate shows great purity of fruit, zesty lemon flavours, racy and very tightly structured with good depth of fruit. Long and driven, before a soft, moderately dry finish.
Peter Lehmann
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