Peter Lehmann Art Soul Moscato 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

Muscat Barossa South Australia
Peter Lehmann is a fanatic about old Barossa vineyards and retains many of the most splendid sites. The region possesses an innate ability to excel across a variety of wines, in this case to contribute a very Australian style of aperitif white. The refreshingly appealing Moscato style has become a firm favourite among enthusiasts everywhere. Made from white Frontignac grapes, Peter Lehmann's is just a little bit sweet and spritzy, refreshingly delicious, a flavoursome fruit filled wine that actually tastes of grapes, ideal for drinking chilled and young.
Good wine can only be made from good grapes. Peter Lehmann's long standing mateship with growers means that he can access the best of the Barossa's old vines Moscato. Grapes are harvested at optimum maturity to maximize the freshly picked fruit flavours, capturing natural grape sugars and carbon dioxide frizzante which puts the finishing touch on this delicate Moscato style. Crushed and chilled, the juices are separated immediately from skins to enhance delicacy, before being treated to a cold vinification in temperature controlled fermenters, retaining a little of the natural grape sugar and gas to add zip and zing to the style. The wine is promptly bottled to retain freshness and vitality. Alcohol 10.0%
Delicate green gold colour. Appealing, distinctly fresh, tropical fruit and ripe grape aromas. A palate of soft stonefruits, lychees and red delicious apples. This effervescent Moscato is a truly revitalizing wine which makes for a delightful sip. The extra depth of fruit makes it an ideal partner to freshly sliced peaches and cheese, puddings and dessert.
Peter Lehmann
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