Dowie Doole Second Nature Sauvignon Blanc 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills South Australia
Norm Doole and Drew Dowie were growers who took the plunge into vinifying their own fruit and who met with immediate success. Enlisting the help of marketer Leigh Gilligan, legendary winemaker Brian Light and renowned designer Barrie Tucker, the fledgling Dowie Doole brand was established in the 1990s. Essentially a McLaren Vale operation, the Dowie Doole team have spared no expense in retaining the finest of the Adelaide Hills harvest, for an exquisite Sauvignon Blance of crispness, juicy fruit flavours and cleansing mineral finish.
Committed to growing the healthiest and cleanest fruit, Dowie Doole crush, ferment and mature their own wines, subject to the care and devotion of vigneron, from soil to bottle. The choicest parcels of Sauvignon Blanc are selected and transported back to the Boar's Rock wineworks. Fruit is sourced entirely from Norm and Jane Doole's Home Block vineyard in the cooler climes of Adelaide Hills. Grapes are picked and crushed within two hours, a juice of primary free runs and light pressings is settled and racked before inoculation to yeasts Vin 7 and QA 23. Upon completion of a cool, controlled fermentation, batches are racked, cold stabilised and sterile filtered before early bottling. Alcohol 13.0%
Very pale hue, almost water white. Fresh, tight and juicuily fragrant nose, underpinned by citrus and a touch of green grass. A lingering zesty palate with excellent texture and minerality. Bright, crisp acidity makes for drinking young and fresh alongside oysters, crustaceans, goat's cheese and sushi.
Dowie Doole
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