Starvedog Lane Shiraz Viognier 2006 CONFIRM 2006 VINTAGE

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Shiraz Viognier Adelaide Hills South Australia
Back to back Max Schubert Trophies Winner, Gold & Trophy Royal Melbourne for Best Other Varieties Red. It seems the 2006 Shiraz Viognier can't go anywhere these days without bringing a trophy home! Starvedog Lane knows from good grapes, it's the combination of styles that gives Starvedog Lane it's characteristics, offering plenty of the kind of flavours that make a really good wine. A hero of the Adelaide Hills, proving yet again what a great champion the Starvedog Lane wines are in the area of innovative wine styles.
Starvedog Lane is the story of a hungry old dog and some German settlers. Today's Starvedog Lane is about a group of near fanatical winemakers who retain some of the Adelaide Hills best vineyard sites. If you've already read about Starvedog Lane Shiraz, you'll already know what is in store. But this blend with Viognier is something quite unique. Not to mention quite delicious! Mixing a white grape like Viognier with a red might seem a little out of the ordinary, and that's true because there's nothing ordinary about this drop. It's already picked up some of the nation's highest awards and when you taste it, chances are it'll leave you begging for more as well. Slide into it.
Deep magenta colour. Bright fresh raspberry, plum and blackberry with fragrant cinnamon, anisette and white pepper spice. Medium bodied, fine savoury tannins with a creamy luscious texture. The flavour itself has hints of plum and dark cherry, and if you really think about it, there's a bit of spice to it as well. Like any good Shiraz, Starvedog Lane's not too heavy, and not too light. Perfect palate weight and excellent length, characters of blackberries, plums and spice. Starvedog Lane goes sensationally well with anything, especially the word darling. A great safe choice for just about any occasion, if you're hungry for something like tempura, chilli or even a good pizza, try sliding into a glass of this.
Starvedog Lane
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