Ballande Chalmers Chocolate Port

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A devilishly delicious accord of port wine with real chocolate, Chalmers 1528 commemorates the year in which chocolate was first brought to Europe from the Americas! Chalmers integrates the full flavoured, oak matured tawny port styles of the old world with the hedonistic pleasures of exotic dark chocolate from the new world. A luscious rancio and cappucine palate, one of the few toothsome beverages that is suitable to be served at every opportune moment, it's universal appeal will captivate the connoisseur and excite the epicurean.
A singular blend of chocolate with fine old tawny port by Ballande Australia. Grapes are selected on the basis of heightened flavour profiles, good natural fruit sugars, ripe healthy tannins and judicious, complementing acids. Grapes are crushed and inoculated by aromatic yeasts, juices are vinified until the stage when sugar levels and flavour characteristics peak, whereupon a neutral spirit is added to arrest the fermentation. Following a transfer into prior use oak barrels for maturation and development of rich nut and rancio characters, the tawny port is treated to a fusion with the most exquisite dark chocolate, an immensely satisfying, toothsome delight to savour and to share. Alcohol 17.5%
Light tawny with darker robes. A bouquet of cherry, cocoa and cinammon, plum and allsorts are fully integrated into a mist of liqueured chocolate. A rich palate of aged rancio with violet crumble in a luscious dessert wine that's fully versatile, especially good just on it's own.
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