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Chardonnay Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier Champagne Reims France
The House of Krug presents Vintage 1996, the extreme expression of a year widely considered to have been one of the vintages of the century in Champagne. The release of a Krug Vintage is always a momentous occasion, for Krug declares a vintage only in those years that demonstrate, above and beyond excellent quality, truly outstanding character and individuality. Now Krug interprets the historic 1996 vintage with all the intensity and elegance for which it is renowned, the result is a revelation, a Krug to the power of Krug.
1996 was a year in which the elements conspired with Krug's unique craftsmanship to elevate the intense contrasts that define the taste of Krug to unprecedented extremes. 1996 was also a landmark in the long history of the House of Krug, since Krug 1996 was the last vintage to be blended by three generations of the Krug family – Paul Krug, Henri and Remi Krug, and Olivier Krug – all working together. Olivier Krug, Directeur de la Maison Krug, clearly remembers his grandfather's reaction when he first tasted the year's newly fermented wines.
Rich, radiant gold illuminated by slender streams of bubbles. Krug 1996 is extraordinary indeed, an extreme, eccentric Champagne that first caresses the senses with its rich aromas, firm texture and full, ripe flavours, then dramatically explodes into jubilant freshness. Krug 1996 already promises a masterful combination of maturity and acidity as its aromas tease the nose with the tartness of fresh pear and candied lemon, the roundness of ripe fruit and nougatine. Then, even as the taste buds are revelling in the smooth, mellow flavours of honey, gingerbread and mocha, this astounding champagne unleashes its exuberant crescendo of freshness that is at once totally unexpected and utterly Krug.
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