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Chardonnay Chenin Blanc Margaret River Western Australia
Non vintage sparklers require singular skill and expertise, determining the cepage, selecting the vineyard site and sanctioning the vintage wines to create a consistent blend. Zamphire is assembled across four vintage years to achieve depth and complexity. The intensity of Margaret River Chardonnay and the freshness of Chenin Blanc made these two grapes the obvious choice. In concert, they're renowned for producing high quality, refreshing sparkling wines. Zamphire is a vital, highly flavoursome sparkler with stylishness and aplomb.
From vineyards that have consistently produced wines with intense flavour profiles. When fully ripe, when sugar and acid balance are achieved, grapes are harvested throughout the coolest part of the night to capture and retain freshness. The highest quality juice is settled for two days at 10C before racking off the grape solids, followed by a warming for inoculation. A strong, cool vinification ensues and when fermented to dry, each batch is left on yeast lees to impart texture and delicate yeasty notes into the wine. The best component of Chardonnay was left to mature on heavy yeast lees and stirred regularly to keep the yeast in suspension. This imparts great complexity and textures into the final blend.
Very pale straw, youthful hues a delicate bead that breaks evenly across the tongue, a creamy elegant mousse. Green apple and white peach bouquets, honeydew and rock melon with lifted notes of honeysuckle. The palate is crisp and fresh, green apple, white peach and melon flavours dominate, time on yeast lees adding a delicate creamy note and texture, tremendous freshness carries the flavour to a dry finish.
Evans Tate
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