Tyrrells Lost Block Sauvignon Blanc 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Orange South Australia
Vinified from fruit grown to Australia's shangri-la of Sauvignon Blanc, planted to the nation's loftiest terroirs at Orange in New South Wales, Lost Block has been stylistically crafted to remain true to the promise of fruit laden, fresh and easy to drink wines. Choice harvests of fruit are treated to a vinification which flatters the quality and intensity of vibrant Central Ranges Sauvignon Blanc. A splendid accompaniement to seafood, chicken and pork, the refreshingly crisp acidic edge and medium weight also lends itself to spicy Asian cuisine.
Tyrrell are today a truly national winemaker, vinifying the best parcels of fruit from across the unique and distinctive winegrowing regions of Australia, to be fashioned into smart wines that are stylistically expressive of the terroir whence they originate. Grapes are sourced from cooler, slower ripening vineyards amongst the towering aspects of Orange in the Central Ranges. Following harvest, grapes are crushed and pressed before being transported to the Tyrrell wineworks at Hunter Valley. Components are vinified in controlled fermenters at temperatures which can best capture and retain the vitality of New South Wales Sauvignon Blanc, bottled early to maintain all the fresh, zesty flavours. Alcohol 11.8%
Light, pale straw in colour, a touch of citrus hue. A wonderfully fragrant nose of snow peas, guava and a little passionfruit. On the palate the wine is medium bodied with an extra degree of complexity from oak maturation whilst maintaining the crisp, citrus flavours which gives the wine freshness and length.
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