Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling Rose 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Crouchen Riesling Ciena Murray King Victoria
A lively cepage of Crouchen and Riesling, blushed by a component of the CSIRO hybrid Cienna, an exciting new grape, made by crossing Cabernet with Sumoli. Brown Brothers are renowned for their innovative approach to winemaking and passion for the development of styles that are uniquely Australian. Crouchen Riesling Rose complements fish and chips, melon with prosciutto or chicken avocado pasta. A flavoursome and vogueish, candy coloured wine offering great length of flavour, in the distinctive, refreshing style of Brown Brothers.
Brown Brothers combine Riesling grapes grown to cooler sites in the King Valley with Crouchen from sunnier aspects along the Murray. Cienna grapes are sourced from the sun drenched Mystic Park vineyard where the vines thrive, yielding ripe, juicy fruit that's made to measure for the fresh supple, and easy drinking everyday style Brown Brothers is aiming for. Harvested at a range of baume levels from 12C to 14C, immediately crushed, inoculated and vinified under cool temperatures to capture the sensational natural expressions of Crouchen, Riesling and Ciena. Bottled immediately after fermentation to retain all the vivacious characters of the vibrant fruit. Alcohol 10.0%
Viibrant, lively salmon pink colour. The nose is lifted with perfumes of strawberry, lemons and passionfruit. The aroma follows through to the palate with mouth filling natural grape sweetness and a crisp balancing acidity. A delicious fruity style of wine that tastes as good as it looks, invigorating flavours and fine body with enticing hints of ripe melon before a long delicate finish. The natural fruit sweetness helps matches brilliantly the bight of spicy food.
Brown Brothers
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