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Muscat Victoria
Alluring and flirtatious, personable and intriguing. Four Sisters is an iconic Australian brand, much loved for their irresistibly fruit forward wines. Sparkling Moscato is quickly emerging as one of the nation's leading easy drinking styles. The Four Sisters fashion a luscious effervescent wine for relaxed drinking, a reflection of today's amiable attitudes and fun loving philosophy. Chic, sophisticated and contemporary, perfect for sipping at every occasion. People everywhere around the globe are getting to know the Four Sisters . and loving it.
Fruit is harvested from choice vineyards throughout Victoria, crushed, pressed and cold settled. Juices are fined prior to inoculation by select yeasts that are ideal for this sweetly aromatic style, ensuring that the final wine is sparklingly clear and drinks delightfully smooth. Fermentations are conducted over a period of ten days at very cool temperatures ranging between 8C and 10C. To make certain that the balance between natural fruit sugar and alcohol is just right, the ferments are checked daily. The finished wine is then fined, cold stabilised and prepared for bottling. Bubbles are added at the very last stage, an important step to ensure the wine retains its fresh and fruity aromas. Alcohol 9.0%
Golden straw colour with a pleasant bead. Soft and enticing, alluring fragrances of intense fruit characters greet you immediatel from the glass, this perfumed wine is the perfect accompaniement to food and ideal at any occasion. Notes of rose petals and lilac combine with hints of spice and musk to create a truly heavenly experience. Strikes the perfect balance between elegant fruit flavours and crispness, the refreshing finish leaves you wanting more.
Four Sisters
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