Moet Chandon Dom Perignon 2004 CONFIRM 2004 VINTAGE

95 Points and Top 100 Wines 2014 James Halliday
Chardonnay Pinot Noir French Champagnes, Epernay France
An intensely profound vintage release, Dom Perignon 2004 expresses all the power and virtue of Champagne's grandest marque, a statement of excellence and authority. The presence of affluent fruit characters and sheer opulence on the palate is captivating. Vintage 2004 is already very approachable and inviting, it leaves its mark on the history of Dom Perignon, for its ease and generosity, a magnetic, cryptic wine, defining the plurality of the world's greatest effervescent wine.
Grapes are only picked at the peak of maturity, while going far beyond the character of the year, enhancing the natural richness of the wine. Viticultural regimens have been fine tuned over many generations. In contrast with the year before, vine growth was regular and progressed without incident, while the bunches were of a significant number and size. While the weather remained moderate for some time, August being particularly cool, growing season 2004 was defined by a dry heat throughout the final weeks before harvest. Vintage commenced on 24th September, the grapes displaying excellent ripeness and fine health. Vintage 2004 was ultimately disgorged in 2011, followed by a term of bottle age.
A refined bead within a hue of spun gold. Cocoa and almond nose, evolving white fruit characters and engaging dried floral notes. Dom Perignon traces a remarkably fine line on the palate, defining the accord between suppleness and density of fruit. Its precision is extreme, chiselled and tactile. The fullness of its refined character lingers, focusing on the fruit, then gradually taking on more profoundness, holding its spice notes perfectly, intensively elegant.
Moet Chandon
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