Wynns Coonawarra Green Label Cabernet 2009 CONFIRM 2009 VINTAGE

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Cabernet Sauvignon Coonawarra South Australia
Australia's most approachable and widely enjoyed marque of Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1890, John Riddoch, the squire of Penola, subdivided 800 hectares of prime winegrowing Terra rossa property. Individual blocks of the Coonawarra Fruit Colony were offered in four hectare allotments at £100 on fairly easy terms. It wasn't long before Coonawarra Claret established an international reputation. The Riddoch holdings were acquired in the 1950s by Melbourne wine merchants Samuel and David Wynnn, who redeveloped the deterioraing estate to new and greater glory.
The uniquely favourable terroir and mesoclimes of Coonawarra were apparent to the earliest surveyors. By 1897, eighty nine hectares of vine had been planted by settlers and fifty two by John Riddoch himself. The Wynns of today are the largest proprietors of Coonawarra Terra rossa and can count on an invaluable resource of bountiful vineyards from which to draw the most splendid Cabernet Sauvignon. Parcels of fruit which can best display the requiste intensity of varietal character and essential tannins are marked for inclusion. Green Label is matured twelve months in a selection of new and seasoned French and American oak barrels. Select parcels remain unoaked to retain a fresh lift. Alcohol 13.5%
Medium ruby red with a bright hue. Cassis and distinctive dark red cherries are lifted with a hint of regional and varietal Coonawarra mint. Good depth of Cabernet fruit, dark red cherries meld with subtle, creamy oak. Length of flavour on the palate is long and rewarding, exhibiting the requisite, chalky Coonawarra Cabernet tannins. Approachable in its youth and a very exciting accompaniement to meat or dark poultry dishes.
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