Devils Lair Valley of the Giants Crisp Dry White CONFIRM VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Chardonnay Western Australia
Valley of the Giants is an ancient forest just outside of Denmark in Australia's deep southwest, home of the enormous indigenous Red Tingle tree. The magic of this ancient forest comes alive at night as local fauna meander around the cyclopean flora, some of which are sixteen metres in circumference. The Fifth Leg Devils Lair team know about white wine, earmarking the most lively parcels of Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc to be vinified into a Crisp Dry White. Enjoy with chicken caesar and fresh seafood, scallops or calamari.
The Fifth Leg and Devils Lair focus has always been on making great wine. The stunning quality of Sauvignon Blanc, Semilon and Chardonnay grown throughout the viticultural precincts of Western Australia, its consistency and availability, make work a pleasure for the winemaking team. Great wine begins in the vineyard, the growers take maximum care to ensure harvest is carried out as grapes achieve complete ripeness, displaying good fruit sugars and lovely natural acidity. Land of the Giants is vinified under strict temperature controls followed by a clean tank maturation to retain fruit freshness, spending time on lees as the palate weight increases with complexity and the mouthfeel develops texture.
Pale straw, wasabi green at the rim. Cut lemon grass and crushed lime leaves provide lovely citrus zest on the nose, balanced by freshly peeled lychee aromas. Gooseberry fruit meets with lemon zest and grassy notes, while green melon nuances adds depth of flavour and length on the palate. An excellent choice as aperitif or sipping wine, Land of the Giants will cordially accompany all fresh cuisine, poultry or risotto.
Devils Lair
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