Hardys Omni Bellini White Peach Cocktail Sparkling CONFIRM VINTAGE

Omni Bellini White Peach Cocktail Sparkling - Buy
How nice was it of the girls on the Hardy winemaking team to come up with the perfect recipe for celebrations and everyday get togethers. A sumptuous sparkler in irresistible peach cocktail styling, with a gorgeous perfume of fresh cut fruits before a more-ish flavour of fleshy summer peach. Served nicely chilled or poured over ice, Bellini is the one thing that all your friends are sure to agree on.
Hardy's know from luscious sparkling wines, their highly decorated team can boast the largest collective of wine show accolades anywhere in Australa. From their comprehensive viticultural spread of highly specialized sparkling wine vineyards across the length and breadth of Australa, Hardy's can source the ripest, most flavourful parcels of fruit to create a wine with flamboyantly creamy mousse and the liveliest fresh peach flavours. The dedicated Hardy's team have devised the ultimate, refreshingly vibrant cocktail wine, featuring exotic, luscious white peach flavours intertwined with rich liquored fruit brandy nuances, making it rich in flavour and aroma to deliver a silky, smooth finish. Alcohol 10.0
Pale straw with lime hues. A beautifully fragrant wine exhibiting intense white peach flesh characters on the bouquet with complimentary jasmine flower notes. Luscious peach flavours intertwined with richly liquored fruit brandy nuances on the palate. Serve chilled with nibbles and friends.
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