Annies Lane Riesling 2016 CONFIRM 2016 VINTAGE

Riesling Clare Valley South Australia
Branded in earlier years under the historic Quelltaler label, Annie's Lane is an exuberant Riesling vinified from fruit grown to distinguished Clare Valley sites, including the famous Carlsfield and Sevenhill vineyards. Carlsfield was planted in 1935 and produces fruit with ripe citrus characters, whilst Sevenhill yields Riesling of finesse and dominant steely qualities. A refreshing white wine, enjoy Annie's Lane alongside chilli crabs or roasted loin of pork, the freshest seafood and all fine faire.
The legend of Annie's Lane recounts the tale of Annie Wayman, whose horse and cart got bogged next to one of the area's best vineyards, giving birth to the famous Annie's Lane. Parcels of the finest Riesling grapes are sourced from distinguished vineyards in the prestigious precincts of Watervale and Polish Hill River. The cooler ripenings and auspicious slate riddled soils combine to create the unmistakable hallmarks of Clare Valley. Riesling grapes are harvested, crushed and drained throughout the cool of night, only the delicate free run juices are retained. After a few days of cold settling, batches are treated to a cool temperature controlled vinification, racking, assemblage and prompt bottling after a brief repose.
Pale in color with vibrant green hues. Annie's Lane has an intensely perfumed nose displaying crisp lemon and lime aromas. There are elegant expressions in the heady bouquet, minerals and citrus, chalk, persimmon and spring flowers. Lifted lime characters, a framework of fine fruit and creamy textures, bright tangy flavours show finesse and elegance with balanced crisp acidity to the lingering finish.
Annies Lane
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