Wild Fox Organic Merlot 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

Merlot South Australia
Wild Fox have employed the most stringent organic and bio-dynamic viticultural techniques right from the very beginning. Priority is placed on minimising any impact on climate change and maximising water conservation, through drip irrigation and weed mulching. It's all about caring for the long term health and sustainability of the environment through strict organic and biodynamic farming practices as mandated by Biological Farmers Australia. The final word is about the quality of fruit and ultimately, wholesomeness and integrity of the finished wine.
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Certification of Organic Wines requires adherence not just to a chemical free vineyard, but also to guidelines in vinification and bottling. The vineyard, winery and bottling premises must work to strict certification criteria. The toils are laborious but they are also highly rewarding. Grapes bursting with flavour and energy are the rewards of low yielding vines within a carefully managed natural environment. At the winery strict documentation is followed to ensure protection of the certified product in meeting the criteria for Australian and American Organic Standards. The purest fruit, picked at optimum ripeness is essential for the creation of Wild Fox wines, which are bottled at the lowest, naturally occurring sulphur levels.
Deep scarlet/ purple red. Intense plummy aromas complexed by chocolates and violet. Minty florals with an undertone of wild berries and dusty smoky oak. A big and generous, mouthfilling palate, balanced and well weighted. Plummy fruit upfront, spiced/ coffee chocolate flavours balanced out by firm dusty oak tannins which provide great length and weight on the soft, supple tannin finish.
Wild Fox
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