Wild Fox Organic Shiraz 2014 CONFIRM 2014 VINTAGE

Shiraz South Australia
Wild Fox's viticultural practices strive to harness nature's balance, maximising cleanlines of fruit and ultimately the purity of wine. Wild Fox have consistently achieved A Grade certification from Biological Farmers Australia. Accreditation is only by adherence to a pristine chemical free vineyard and strict standards of vinification, including the bottling. Such toils can be laborious but they are also highly rewarding. A vegan friendly Shiraz with the lowest level of naturally occuring sulphur, exhibiting generosity of palate and exemplary varietal bouquets.
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The cleanliness of soils within the Wild Fox vineyards after years of organic farming is proving to be a major factor in the sensational quality of fruit. Wild Fox have employed the most stringent organic and bio-dynamic viticultural techniques right from the very beginning. Priority is placed on minimising any impact on climate change and maximising water conservation, through drip irrigation and weed mulching. It's all about caring for the long term health and sustainability of the environment through strict organic and biodynamic farming practices as mandated by Biological Farmers Australia. The final word is about the quality of fruit and ultimately, wholesomeness and integrity of the finished wine.
Vibrant red colour. A big rich wine and the nose does not let you down, very complex with blackberry fruits, earthiness, plums and subtly spiced coconut/ vanilla oak. A soft generous palate, vibrant fruits upfront, a multitude of red and black berry flavours before a strong, tight and clean, cinnamon spiced finish displaying excellent balance of oak, firm tannins and fruit.
Wild Fox
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