Wild Fox Organic Sparkling Shiraz

Shiraz Merlot South Australia
Wild Fox adhere to the strictest principles of organic viticulture, farming in tune with the elements, working alongside the natural environment to achieve pure, chemical free wines. Biodynamic and organic vineyard management means employing ancient pastoral traditions as well as innovative, whollistic systems for healthy, nutrient rich soils from which the cleanest, most pristine grapes can be harvested. Enter Wild Fox Sparkling Shiraz, a generous blackberry flavoured wine with comely effervescence, stimulating bouquets and rich, ripe tannins.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Within the vineyard and throughout the vinification process, strict practices are followed to ensure protection of the certified product in meeting criteria for Australian and American Organic Standards. Vine canopies are managed to capture the sunlight whilst providing protection from seasonal mildew and rusts. During summer, vines are watered by drip irrigation from natural underground aquifers. Soils are cared for by growing cover crops between rows to suppress weeds while laying down mulch. This conserves moisture and protects the soil's micro organisms. The purest fruit, hand picked and sorted at optimum ripeness is essential for the creation of Wild Fox, bottled at the lowest, naturally occurring sulphur levels.
Deep red, purple hues and fine, creamy mousse. Dark berries and plum, raspberry and cherry aromas followed by subtle coconut spice. A rich and full, even palate, generous with ripe berry flavours, cherry and chocolateyness over velvety ripe tannins providing structure and length. A luscious sweetness offset by crisp, fresh acids and toasty background oak, finishing with a lovely persistence, it's just fantastic.
Wild Fox
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