Wynns Single Vineyard Alex 88 Cabernet 2012 CONFIRM 2012 VINTAGE

Cabernet Sauvignon Coonawarra South Australia
A pure single vineyard release from the distinguished Alexander block at the heart of Coonawarra. One of the most consistently performing, low yielding vineyards of the entire region, Alex 88 is regularly called upon for contributions to the icon John Riddoch Cabernet and eminent estate Black Label. The choice terra rossa soils underlying Alex 88 are mixed with deep, light clays, which yield a painfully meager harvest of Cabernet Sauvignon, translating into intense wines of the most remarkable concentration.
Wynns are the largest property holder in Coonawarra, long time proprietors of the finest and eldest vines. Wynn's are regarded as regional benchmarks, highly lauded for their consistency and structure. One of Australia's most significant winemaking estates with a long and conspicuous history, the original holdings were founded by pioneer John Riddoch. He planted vineyards in 1891 and completed the triple gabled wineworks, which can be seen on the label. Alex 88 is renowned for its power and muscularity, signature clarity and brightness of fruit, a rich and textural wine, matured in in a selection of the most extravagant oak, followed by a rigorous selection to determine the final assemblage. Alcohol 13.5%
A rich, deeply coloured wine. Dark, robust blackberry fruit bouquet meshed with a mix of cocoa powder and dusty oak. Rich and textured palate, revealing an urgency of fruit up front, followed by a great depth of dark, ripe blackberry fruit and chocolate flavours, lingering on a length of smoky spice and chewy briar notes to finish. Great drinkability in its youth, but with the depth of fruit to age gracefully.
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