Warres Vintage Port CONFIRM VINTAGE

Touriga & Tinto Douro Portugal
Over the centuries, Warre have made the most memorable wines, earning First Growth status within an exclusive group of elite producers. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Warre's produced some of the greatest Vintage Ports ever made, establishing Port as one of the world's most enduring styles. More recently, Warre's stature in the field was further consolidated with the superb 2003 which attracted worldwide acclaim.
Grapes are all picked by hand and transported to the winery in small crates that hold no more than twenty kilograms. Every bunch is carefully examined and unripe or damaged fruit discarded. This is done by the harvest team as they work in the vineyard, and again by the winemaking team. Only then are grapes transferred to the lagares for crushing. Vintage 2003 is Warre's first blend to include parcels trodden in the Symington robotic lagares at the remodelled Quinta da Cavadinha wineworks. Growing season 2003 yielded wines with great traditional tannic structure, attractive ripe fruit flavours, immense finesse and elegance exhibiting all the hallmarks of a great Warre Vintage.
Very deep crimson colour. Rich fresh herbal aromas of gum cistus. Penetrating taste of vibrant blackberry flavours, very spicy with an abundance of tannins and sweetness conveying enormous complexity of flavours. Powerful combination of freshness, elegance and a long, firm finish.
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