Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Spatlese 2009 CONFIRM 2009 VINTAGE

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Riesling Saar Germany
Scharzhofberg is one of the most famous vineyards in Germany and indeed all of Europe. Planted to a formidable slope on a bend of the Saar River, it commands a stunning panorama and enjoys one of the most favourable growing climes in the Rhineland. Established by the Romans, it is a source of the world's finest and most prestigious Riesling wines. Spätlese means late harvest but at Egon Müller, the term is used for wines made from grapes of superior ripeness. Scharzhofberg Vineyard makes extraordinary wines that defy the categories of sweet and dry.
Harvest usually begins very late and the weather is variable, so the ripest grapes often come from the best parcels rather than a later harvest date. Spätlese wines can carry more sugar than Kabinett without losing their balance. While they're off dry to semi sweet when young, they reward cellaring with an incredible degree of complexity. Parcels of Riesling exhibiting the requisite qualities of a Spätlese are fermented mostly through the action of wild yeasts in old, thousand litres oak foudres. The wines are raised in ancient cellars which were built by mediaeval monks. The deep, very cold and damp environments make the perfect environment in which to gently age the wines, which are made for the long haul.
Light golden hue. Subtle florals to the bouquet, peach nectar and citrus oils, honey and herb. A judiciously ripe palate exhibiting delicate fruit characters with hints of honeyed botrytis and citrus florals.
Egon Muller
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