Domaine Sauzet Etienne Sauzet Chassagne Montrachet 2007 CONFIRM 2007 VINTAGE

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Chardonnay Montrachet France
From fruit grown to a single block of vines just south of Puligny Les Enseignieres and east of Batard Montrachet, one of the most celebrated wines of Montrachet, a model of youthful intensity and exquisite balance.
Gerard Boudot is seeking maximum finesse through an individual expression of mesoclime and terroir. He applies modern state of the art technology to traditional vinification techniques to achieve some of the most highly sought white wines in all Burgundy. Although techniques are more modern in the hands of M. Boudot, he is maintaining Etienne Sauzet's tradition of ageing wines on their lees for ten months to, as he calls it, nourish them. The parcels remain on lees as long as possible to extract all the flavour and richness out of them. Boudot lowers the temperature of his cellar so that vinification takes place at a cooler 18C to 20C. The wines are superbly finished, fruity and full bodied examples of white Burgundy.
Bright light yellow hue. Richly spiced nose over a background of savoury stonefruit characters, pear, menthol and almond oak. White peaches across the palate, an elegant structure supported by creamy tart tatin and butter flavours before a lingering sweet and savoury finish with hints of floral and meal.
Domaine Sauzet
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