Brown Brothers Lexia 2016 CONFIRM 2016 VINTAGE

Muscat Murray River Victoria
Spatlese Lexia is a luscious, mouthfilling wine, fashioned to a late harvest style, toothsome and fresh, complex, crisp and clean, leaving the palate ready for another glass. Often known as Muscat of Alexandria or Muscat Gordo Blanco, Lexia is a member of the generously flavoured Muscat family. Brown Brothers have had a long association with the grape, there were Muscat of Alexandria cuttings on the first ten acre vineyard planted by John Francis Brown at Milawa in 1885. Today, Lexia is one of Australia's best known and most cherished wines.
Located in the lower reaches of King Valley, Milawa vineyard is the birth place of the Brown Brothers company. Produced from fruit allowed to ripen on the vine well into autumn, Lexia is a delicious late harvest wine, exuding the variety's natural fruity characters and the mouth-filling lusciousness that comes from fully ripened fruit. The Muscat of Alexandria grapes used to make this wine are Victorian grown, harvested in batches at a range of natural fruit sugar levels bursting with juicy flavours. A sublime match to a platter of cheeses or cheese-based desserts, Lexia is also the perfect mate to your favourite savoury dishes. Lexia is bottled promptly after vinification to retain freshness. Alcohol 11.5%
Brilliant yellow hues. Aromas of musk and tropical fruit, rose petals and ripe, fresh grape. A palate that's full of fruit flavours, pineapples, lychees and lime, seasoned by hints of lithe spice. The crisp acidity balances beautifully with the natural fruit sweetness, achieving a wine that's fresh, envigorating and clean. Lexia is fashioned for immediate drinking pleasure, ideally alongside laksa, washed rind cheeses or brûlee.
Brown Brothers
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