Seppelt Chalambar Shiraz 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Shiraz Bendigo & Grampians Victoria
Originally crafted by the legendary Colin Preece and labelled as Burgundy, Chalambar has become one of the most highly sought Seppelt releases each year, due to its consistency, quality and value. The House of Seppelt are custodians to one of Australia's most auspicious cellars, constructed by miners who took up viticulture when the Victorian gold ruch was in decline. Their efforts have left a legacy which provides the ultimate environment for ageing stocks of Seppelt Chalambar, a fully engaging Shiraz of layered fruit and disciplined tannins.
The House of Seppelt operate one of Australia's oldest functioning wineries. They still draw fruit from vineyards which were established during the nineteenth century as the gold boom receded and local miners turned turned to winegrowing. Parcels of Shiraz worthy of being crafted into Chalambar, are cold soaked and vinified in a mix of static and open top fermenters, while being treated to a regimen of pumpovers, rack, returns and a course of malolactic. Upon completion, batches remain on skins for a term to aid in optimal extraction of vibrant colour and earthy tannins. The finished Chalambar is filled to a selection of new and prior use French oak barriques for an extended maturation.
Deep, dark red colour. Cherry and bramble bouquet, currants and plum, spices and musk over notes of delicate vanilla oak. Intense palate of spiced, cherry plum fruit flavours, vanilla and olives, lined with crisp cola tannins and framed by a curl of fragrant cedary oak. A fine match to all meats, particularly game, duck or succulent crackling pork.
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