Chardonnay Pinot Noir
Chandon are the people who brought fine Sparkling wine to Australia and superior Australian sparkling wines to the world. The most auspicious Yarra Valley vineyards were consolidated in the 1990s with a view to establishing a marque in Australian sparkling wine which is second to none. The refined elegance, exquisite balance and generosity of Chandon Rosé are the fruit of these precious vineyards, husbanded for decades by the nation's leading viticulturalists. A vibrant, refreshing aperitif style, extravagantly crafted to full Methode Traditionnelle.
Choice harvests of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are kept separate throughout the winemaking proces. Parcels are inoculated and vinified in controlled fermenters, a third of the batches are treated to a course of malolactic. A small percentage is fermented on skins to capture the requisite Rosé colour, luscious red berry flavours and savoury complexity. Upon completion, an inventory of eighty candidate components and one to three year old reserve wines, are assembled into Chandon Rosé, followed by an extended eighteen months maturation and traditional riddling on yeast lees. Bottles are disgorged and dosage liqueur is added for reseal and a term of three months of bottle age. Alcohol 12.5%
Pink peach skin, red apple hues. Fresh ripe black cherry nose, citrus and stone fruit notes dominate, complemented by freshly baked pie crust aromas. Gentle, creamy palate, mouthfilling stone fruit flavours, strawberry and vanilla cream, soft citrus tones keep the wine balanced and fresh. Pinot Noir contributes an extra layer of complexity, additional richness and persistence to the dry, crisp finish.
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