Coal Valley Vineyard Riesling 2014 CONFIRM 2014 VINTAGE

Riesling Coal Valley Tasmania
Scientists make great viticulturalists, their innate dedication to the laws of nature prepares them for a sustainable and holistic approach to vineyard management. International careers in biology and chemical engineering can also come come in very handy when turning fruit into wine. Coal Valley Vineyard is completely cane pruned, a laborious task which achieves a harvest of Riesling grapes of remarkable aromaticness. Crafted to a drying, mature adults only styling, a superior match to the freshest Tasmanian seafood and refined gourmandise.
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The story of Coal Valley Vineyard began with a passion for wine. After years of travelling and working around the world, Todd Goebel and Gill Christian were ready to get their hands dirty and realize a long held dream. Fifteen years later, Todd and Gill are proud of what they produce and love what they do. The fastidious vineyard technique of cane pruning means pulling out everything that was growing the previous year, except for one cane per vine, tying it down to the wire for the next season's canes to grow out. Drier than most Riesling styles, fashioned to articulate the character of growing season, capturing all those crisp acids in the grapes which provide great structure in the finished wine.
Crystal clear, pale straw hue. Apple blossom and apricot nose. A dry Riesling style, intense, juicy citrus lime flavours and gentle lanolin perfumes over a well structured of great finesse, its clean, mouthfilling palate lingers. Crisp and refreshing as a pre dinner drink or rejuvenating elixir at the end of a long day, perfect alongside grilled fishes and white meats.
Coal Valley Vineyard
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