Lindemans Bin 85 Pinot Grigio 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Pinot Gris Grigio
Vitally fruit driven and refreshingly unoaked, Lindemans reserve the pick of their Pinot Grigio for Bin 85, a wonderfully textural drop with well defined varietal charm. Innately suited to all good food, Pinot Grigio makes the perfect match to light old world cuisines and Al Fresco faire. Bring Bin 85 along with you for your regular luncheon at that chic bistro or night out with the girls, the perfect accompaniement to chicken caesar or creamy mushroom pasta.
Pale straw with green hues. A lovely amalgam of floral fragrances, aromatic nuts and tropical fruit hints, well ripened, yellow gala apple notes and nashi pear. Green apples and nashi pear flavours fill the palate, pinenuts and apricot, a refined textural mouthfeel, finishing with a crisp grapefruit acidity, lengthy and clean.
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