William Fevre Montee De Tonnerre 1er Cru 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

Chardonnay Chablis France
One of the finest terroirs in all Chablis, William Fevre own and operate less that two of the forty three hectares at Montée de Tonnerre. Endowed with a topography and geological structure, not dissimilar to the most superior Grands Crus, it lends itself to the production of rich, full palates, brimming with vigorous mineral character and fragrant floral charm. The wines of Montée de Tonnerre are known for their evolving complexity and noble elegance as they age.
Grapes are all hand picked and passed over a sorting table, bunches are gently pressed and settled, a portion of gross solds are included for palate richness and complexity. Parcels are vinified in a combination of well seasoned Frenck oak barrels and traditional fermentation vats. Upon completion of ferments and a course of malolactic, components are treated to a year or more of maturation on fine lees before assembling into the finished wine.
William Fevre
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