Pol Roger Champagne Brut N.V

Chardonnay Pinot Noir Pinot Meunier Champagne, Epernay France
A veritable treasure trove of beautifully harmonised essences and flavours are the hallmarks of the great House of Pol Roger. The man himself enjoyed a heroic status as an international purveyor of Champagne and as the mayor of Épernay, an office he won in recognition of his resistance against the German army. The grateful townspeople continued to re-elect Pol-Roger as mayor until 1935 when they bestowed the honour upon him for life. It was the champagne of Winston Churchill, who as everybody knows, was satisfied only by the best.
Established in 1849, Champagne Pol Roger remains family owned and proudly independent to this day. Pol Roger was born in 1831, the son of a lawyer. He chose not to follow in his father's footsteps, but received his support when he showed a determined interest in the wine trade. His sales for the first six months of operation were 3,769 bottles and 825 half-bottles. That has grown to around 1½ million per annum. Although Pol Roger started business without a vineyard of his own, Pol Roger currently owns 55 hectares, largely in and around Épernay. The history and spirit of the company mirrors that of the family who bear the same name. A respect for nature, a devotion to quality and of course, le joie de vivre.
Deep gold, lustrous, fine, luxurious mousse. Brimming with the trademark Pinot Meunier flowery fruit, Pinot Noir follows closely behind with mineral characters, cherry and apple. Light bready notes, a more stable nose and palate than a vintage Roger, but with less sweetness. A wonderful bead of lovely white fruits persists, light and tangy, yet rich and yeasty. The sharp acidity, the firm mousse, the floridness and cherry fruit combine to serve and to ingratiate.
Pol Roger
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