Seppelt Jaluka Chardonnay 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Chardonnay Henty Victoria
It was Karl Seppelt who established the greater Henty region to viticulture in 1964. Burgundian varietals perform brilliantly under the cool ripening, maritime influenced climes, all white grapes excel. Originally chosen on the virtues of a growing season and terroir which favoured the production of cool climate sparkling wines, to rival the nation's best, Seppelt's Drumborg Vineyard has delivered vintages of the most remarkable Chardonnay. Textural, complex and rich, the Chardonnay of choice to accompany white pudding, milk veal or suckling pork.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
Drumborg is one of the southernmost vineyards on the Australian mainland. Growing seasons here can vary somewhat in the tradition of the world's great wine regions, vintages can be good to exceptional, the site is called upon to deliver harvests of fruit for some of Seppelt's most auspicious wines. Chardonnay is harvested to a schedule determined by optimal ripeness, fruit is crushed into a selection of seasoned and new, French oak barriques for vinification, followed by a course of luxurious lees stirring battonage, infusing textural richness and layers of mouthfilling complexity into the finished wine.
Light lime yellow hues. Complex nose of grapefruit pith, boulangerie notes and creamy lemon curd puddings. Restraint on the front palate opens to a blossoming opulence of candied citrus fruit, creamy yeast lees texture and bright minerality all delicately balanced over a diamond sharp acid backbone. The palate resolves on a lingering sweet, nutty oak finish.
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