Crawford River Noble Dry Riesling 2011 CONFIRM 2011 VINTAGE

Riesling Henty Victoria
The divine mesoclimes at Crawford River lend themselves to a variety of white wine styles to rival the most auspicious Riesling growing appellations in the world. A blight of botrytis cinerea following the wetness of vintage 2011, inspired the team to fashion a bone dry genre of Riesling, from parcels of grapes affected by the illustrious Noble Rot. A delightful accord of winsome floral notes and parched mineral savouryness, in a contention of characters that's so much greater than the sum of parts.
Light yellow green hues. Delicate orange blossom and elderflower bouquet, fresh lime marmalades over a lifted slate minerality. Guava and grapefruit flavours, botrytic hints of dried apricot, an undeniably savoury length of mace, ginger and allspice, all held together by an underlying, earthy spine. Balanced and structured, a bone dry Botrytis wine to match with the finest gourmandise.
Crawford River
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