Terre di Sava Luccarelli Negroamaro Puglia IGT 2016 CONFIRM 2016 VINTAGE

Negroamaro Puglia Italy
Negro Amaro is a wonderful grape which suits the growing seasons and soils to be found in the Apulian heel of the Italian boot. It makes a wine that smells and tastes of Italy itself, the savouryness of olive grove and piquant aromaticness of tomato leaf, duskyness of almond and juicyness of ripened fig. Terre di Sava share a passion for the gastronomy and traditions of Apulia, viticulture here is as old as time itself and Negroamaro wines have been enjoyed for millennia. Match Luccarelli with sardines or red pepper recipes, Mediterranean cuisines and the finest fare.
Terre di Sava are driven by their reverence for the land and love of a timeless lifestyle, to preserve the ancient traditions of viticulture and winemaking, as they bring the culture and gastronomy of Apulia to enthusiasts around the world. The warm growing seasons and balmy Adriatic climes are paradise for the Negro Amaro grape, yielding berries with dark rakish skins, brimming with spiced black fruit flavours and lined with fine tannins. Bunches are hand picked off fully mature, closely husbanded vines, parcels are crushed and treated to a combination of new and old world vinification techniques, without any exposure to oaks, to retain and express the lovely fruit freshness of Apulian Negroamaro.
Deep dark ruby red. Fresh aromas of bright red cherry, red currants and plum, almond spice, cinnamon and herb. A medium bodied palate lined with velvet textures and supported by silken tannins, black fruit flavours and cherry spice, dark olives, a sprinkle bay leaf and hints of the maghreb. Delicious and engaging as aperitif, a superb food wine to accompany pasta or roasts.
Terre di Sava
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