Circe Whinstone Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

Pinot Noir Mornington Victoria
Circe is a metaphor for the challenges presented by Pinot Noir, a capricious grape to grow and often fickle as a wine. Very like the temptress of ancient myth, Pinot Noir remains irresistible to contemplative winemakers for its rare mutability, as no other grape can capture and articulate the uniqueness of provenance. The Messrs Buckle and Drummond source parcels from a neighbouring vineyard that's planted to warmer climes. Whinstone yields a Pinot of structure, clarity and length, it shares a remarkable kinship with its estate siblings brightly lit translucence of fruit.
The proprietorship at Circe are never focused on targets and deadlines, biodynamic viticulture and a love of all things natural, means that the only requirements are a healthy soil and respect for the vine. Providing a clean, ecologically balanced environment for local flora and fauna, inevitably leads to better wine. The Whinstone property at Red Hill is planted to six acres of westerly facing vines. The choicest parcels of Pinot Noir are treated to a course of maceration and open vat ferments, followed by several days of boots on, foot stomping pigeage. Batches are pressed into a selection of French oak barriques for completion of malolactic and a year's maturation on sedimentery lees.
Purple garnet hues. The freshest of raspberries, rose petal florals, the savouryness of bouquet garni, star anise and mace. Delicately, medium to light bodied, crystalline acidity carries the flavours, cherries and red apple skins over a silken length of refined, tannins. Textural sappyness, forest floor and savoury spice, lingering strawberry spice, a subtle rub on the tongue.
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