Brown Brothers Summer Edition Prosecco Rose CONFIRM VINTAGE

Prosecco Ciena King Valley Victoria
All summer in a day, the perfect effervescent pink to share with the girls during those fun and unforgettable get togethers. Prosecco is a grape that makes a wickedly indulgent wine with juicy fruit flavours and satiating creaminess. Ciena is a red varietal with the perfume, flavour and piquant tannin blush, to contribute the perfect pink hues and achieve a gorgeous lipstick coloured wine, that drinks beautifully chilled at any time. So grab the girls and get partying around a Summer Prosecco, Australia's cutest and most refreshing pink sparkler.
Prosecco is harvested off the prestigious Banksdale property in the upper reaches of Valley King, a choice parcel is assembled from the Brown Brothers Ciena vineyard in Murray Valley. Grapes are picked at a high baumé of natural sugar, late in the season to allow full development of rich fruit esters. Upon completion of primary vinification, components are treated to the traditional Charmat process at a pressure of five atmospheres, promptly bottled to retain the refined effervescence. Alcohol 11.5%
Rose gold, elegant bead, persistent mousse. A delicate nose of strawberry, watermelon and apple notes. The freshness and vibrancy of the Prosecco grape, Cienna contributes a measure of berry flavours on the palate. Its ripe fruit juicyness and residual sweetness resolves on a clean, lingering, creamy finish. Go smoked salmon and cream cheese, or goat cheese recipes with fruit compote dressing.
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