Wither Hills Wairau Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Wairau New Zealand
Wither Hills work toward the philosophy that the finest wines are always created in the vineyard. The secret of Wither Hills success lies in a commitment to reflect exactly what nature has endowed Marlborough, to deliver a distinctly exhilarating experience. A wine of remarkable intensity, captivating flavour profiles of great persistence, with a degree of elegance rarely seen in Sauvignon Blanc. Distinctive herbaceous and gooseberry aromas support a wonderfully balanced palate, presenting purity of ripe fruit, before a lingering, harmonious finish.
Each of the contributing vineyard sites, strategically sited throughout the Wairau Valley, are harvested at the time of optimum flavour ripeness that's timely and unique to each. All parcels are kept separate throughout the winemaking process to ensure integrity of the vineyard and to afford the most possibilities for assemblage. Fruit is gently pressed, cold settled, racked and cool fermented with selected yeast strains to enhance aromatics and flavour profile. The wines remain on light yeast lees to enhance palate feel and structure, followed by racking, blending, filtration and a prompt botting to capture and to retain the remarkable freshness of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
Brilliant lemon lime hue. Intense gooseberry, ripe herbal lime notes underpinned by the classically pungent melon, guava and passionfruit aromatics. The palate shows extraordinary balance with bright seamless acidity, concentration of rich nutty flavours exhibiting the puckering qualities of grapefruit, followed by a long satisfying finish.
Wither Hills
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