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Muscat Rutherglen Victoria
Seppelt Rutherglen is made from the Brown Muscat grape, harvested at peak ripeness and fortified to give an aromatic spirit lift. This immensely satisfying Cuvee marries batches of the ripest fruit with careful oak maturation, and a highly fastidious regimen of racking whilst under cellar, with skillful and artisanal blending, to create a flavoursome, yet easy to appreciate fruit driven style. Carefully matured at the estate's wineworks at Seppeltsfield, Cellar No 8 is fragrantly spiced with floral and rose petal aromas, the taste is rich and luscious.
Rutherglen grew to be Victoria's most important wine-producing region, until the phylloxera vine disease almost destroyed the district. The Rutherglen vines today carry the auspicious honour of quarantine, ensuring the purity of the fruit, and elevating the wines to a highly unique status. Seppeltsfield are the cautious custodians of a priceless collection of fortified wines spanning more than 150 years. This heritage includes a range of fortified wines that is Australia's most diverse and unsurpassed in reputation for quality. Cellar No.8 is an assemblage of various vintage fortified Rutherglen Brown Muscat wines, matured in small, prior use oak casks under the Seppeltsfield wineworks at Nuriootpa. Alcohol 16.5%
Colour is a bright golden brown. Fragrantly spiced with youthful floral and rose petal aromas, given depth by aged characters of raisined fruit with an earthy spirit lift. The aromatics are perfectly woven together, between layers of dried fruit florals lies a charming minerality that belies the wine's viscous texture, to drive home the point that really, this is a fruit driven Muscat in decidedly bang-right-on New World character. The palate is rich and luscious, with rich, raisined fruit balanced by a clean acidity and symbiotic, aromatic spirit. The after taste is soft, lifted and long lasting. Makes the perfect match to all desserts and fine cheeses, remarkably refreshing when served chilled.
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