Hardys No Preservatives Shiraz 2010 CONFIRM 2010 VINTAGE

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Shiraz Riverland South Australia
Shiraz is harvested from specialized Hardy vineyards throughout the cool of night to preserve fresh fruit flavours. The wine is lightly exposed to oak, which infuses soft vanillan flavours, supply evident on the nose and palate. A smooth drinking and easy to appreciate Shiraz that offers a naturally clean alternative to all wine lovers. Through the development of innovative winemaking techniques and without the use of any preservatives, Hardys have fashioned a beautifully balanced and well integrated, additive-free Shiraz wine.
The Riverland has long been recognized as the engine room which drives the Australian wine industry. The region has been known for the quantities it produces, but this has changed in recent years with the increasing focus switching to the quality of wine. Vineyards close to the Hardy wineworks, are treated to viticultural regimens that are uniquely adapted for the production of a non-additives wine and to reduce the risk of oxidation. Grapes are picked at the riper end of the spectrum, as fully ripe grapes bring fullness of flavour, heightened varietal characters and a natural balance of acidity. The primary aim at all stages of vinification is to minimise the handling of the fruit and the wine.
Crimson with purple hues. This preservative-free Shiraz exhibits purple fruit and raspberry perfumes, liquorice and soft pepper notes over hints of gentle spice. Plum and blackcurrant flavours, solidly structured on a framework of malleable tannins, kept vital by finely balanced acidity, it finishes velvety and soft. Nice to see a Shiraz wine live up to all it's expectations without the need for any preservatives.
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