Chandon Domaine Blanc de Blancs 2011 CONFIRM 2011 VINTAGE

Chardonnay Victoria
Blanc de Blanc is exclusively Chardonnay, a wine of intense elegance, cleanliness and heightened varietal expression. Fashioned to the essential Methode traditionnelle style, the choicest parcels of Chardonnay from Green Point Vineyard are assembled alongside components grown to the splendid slow ripening climes of Macedon and Tasmania, Strathbogie and Valley King. Endowed with a tight palate structure, vibrant fruit characters and refined acidity, Blanc de Blancs is a profoundly fresh and elegant wine with deliciously soft dry finish.
Chardonnay is harvested throughout the cooler parts of day to preserve the quality and freshness of juices. Grapes from each site are pressed and separately vinified in temperature controlled fermenters to ensure the unique characteristics of each parcel is retained. Fifteen individual Chardonnay Cuvée are selected on the basis of subtle yet concentrated varietal flavour, balanced structure and generous palate length, all essential for the delicate and elegant Blanc de Blancs style. Following tirage and a secondary fermentation, essential parts of the Methode traditionnelle process, Chandon spends over forty months ageing on sedimentery yeast lees.
Bright pale gold hues, fine mousse, persistent bead. Freshly roasted chestnut and warm baked bread aromas are complemented by subtle stone fruit and lemon zest nose. A soft, voluptuous front palate, fine, crisp acidity providing the structural backbone, citrus and white peaches excite, toasty, nutty yeast autolysis notes delivering richness and creaminess, building to a crescendo, before tapering off, right through to the long and flinty, mineral finish.
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