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Cabernet Franc Adelaide Hills South Australia
Cabernet Franc is a close cousin of the eponymous Sauvignon, it exhibits the structure of a Cabernet but with the added dimensions of fruitiness and richness, especially on the middle palate. Leabrook Vineyard is protected from the prevailing winds, aiding good fruit set from flowering. Close spacing of vines requires heavy pruning, resulting in extremely low yields with an intensity of flavour. Medium bodied and not excessively tannic, the fruitiness and elegant length of Cabernet Franc merits accompaniement to the finest haute cuisine.
Cabernet Franc is probably one of the most fickle red varieties, it only ever exhibits its fine characters within a narrow band of regional growing conditions which fortunately exist in the temperate altitudes of Adelaide Hills. Too warm and the wine loses its elegance, too cold and the wine will be tannic and green. It also requires low cropping, to ensure the rich fruitiness. The narrow rows of Cabernet Franc vines at Leabrook are hedge pruned in the growing season, trained with adjustable trellis wines to ensure all growth is vertical and does not shade the berries.
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