Peter Lehmann Art Soul Pinot Grigio 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Pinot Gris Grigio South Australia
Crisp, refreshing and deliciously different, Australia's new love affair with white wine is Pinot Grigio, it's zippy, vibrant and remarkably delicious! Peter Lehmann holds a long term commitment to growers who are at the genesis of wines such as this. Vinified from parcels of Pinot Grigio, hand selected from terroirs which are renowned for balanced white wines with a measure of delicacy and finesse. Made to the inimitable Peter Lehmann style at it's very best, deliciously aromatic, vital and clean.
Parcels grown to fine vineyards in the highly salubrious Pinot Grigio growing mesoclimes of Adelaide Hills, are vinified alongside choice harvests from fine vineyards in Barossa Valley. High country vines are picked early to achieve a refreshingly crisp Grigio style. All sites are harvested at optimum maturity, grapes are crushed and the musts are chilled, juices are immediately separated from skins to ensure delicacy and minimal extraction of phenolics. Following a cold vinification in controlled fermenters, components are clarified and promptly bottled to maximize freshness while retaining brisk varietal character. Alcohol 12.5%
Attractive pale pear hues. Aromas of freshly cut apple, jackfruit and pear. Medium bodied with pure fruit flavours, fashioned to the traditional Italian style, delicate and clean, steely and crisp with delicious balanced acidity. A youthful, vibrant wine displaying subdued minerality combined with a succulent mix of pear and citrus fruit characters. The finish is dry and beautifully balanced, a wine to sip casually or match with lighter cuisine.
Peter Lehmann
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