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There are fewer than twenty hectares of Stefano Lubiana vines, overlooking the spectacular tidal estuary of Derwent River. Chosen for its felicitious winegrowing aspects, it is a place of scrupulously clean soils, free of any pesticides or manufactured treatments. Insects are welcome here, they are mother nature's endorsement of a holistically biodynamic viticulture. Lubiana is a fifth generation winemaker, one of the apple isle's leading vignerons, he works to an arcane system of seasonal chronometers, governed by cosmic rhythms, the turning of leaves and angle of the moon. His wines are given full indulgence to make themselves. Ferments lie undisturbed and movements to barrel are led by gravity. A peerless expression of vintage, an orphic approach to the winemaker's art, a humbling eloquence of our southernmost.. Celestial wines from southern climes»
After founding Mornington's eminent Moorooduc Estate and decades crafting the most memorable vintages for Mornington's leading brands, Richard McIntyre established a tiny, single hectare vineyard, on a prominent, high elevation site at Arthur's Seat, with a view to producing limited yields of the most exquisite small batch wines. The techniques of choice are wild yeast ferments, minimal intervention and good French oak, with a nod to traditional Burgundian practices, which allow the wines to speak of provenance, express their specificity of clone and articulate their sense of place. There's not much Bellingham made but every bottle passes through the hands of a team member who has been involved with the vintage since pruning and budburst. An essential inclusion for small batch Pinotphiles in the know, there has never been a more limited release of a marvelous Mornington marque... Limited editions by the master of moorooduc»

Buller Fine Old Muscat CONFIRM VINTAGE

Muscat Murray, Rutherglen Victoria
Winner of 'Wine of the Year' at the.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Time is an essential element in the making of fine quality fortified wines. To create the rich and complex flavours of Buller Fine Old Muscat, the wines in this blend have had to spend years slowly maturing in old oak casks. Fully matured when released and ready for immediate consumption. Gracefully maturated in old oak hogsheads. Alcohol 18.
Colour and appearance of the Buller Fine Old Muscat is a mid reddish brown showing amber hues. Aroma and nose is milky, nutty, with perfumed raisin-fruit bouquet. Initial sweetness on the palate, then raisiny flavours linger to reveal hints of toffee. Underlying structure of tannin and well integrated spirit. Finish is long and the raisin flavours return and linger in the mouth.
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1 - 8 of 8 1