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Samuel Smith migrated from Dorset England to Angaston in the colony of South Australia circa 1847, he took up work as a gardener with George Fife Angas, the virtual founder of the colony. In 1849, Smith bought thirty acres and planted vines by moonlight, the first ever vintages of Yalumba. One of his most enduring legacies were some unique clones of Shiraz, which were ultimately sown to the illustrious Mount Edelstone vineyard in 1912. Angas's great grandchild Ron Angas acquired cuttings from the Edelstone site and migrated the precious plantings to his pastures at Hutton Vale. The land remains in family hands, a graze for flocks of some highly fortunate lamb. In between the paddocks, blocks of Sam Smith's experimental vines yield a harvest of the most spectacular Shiraz to be found in all Eden Valley... The return of rootstock to garden of eden»
Airline pilots make surprisingly good wine. Their appreciation of the sciences, a respect for the weather and a bird's eye view of the land, all invaluable to the winemaker's art. John Ellis would take every opportune weekend away from his regular New York Paris route, to pursue a passion for viticulture. He planted the first commercial Cabernet Merlot vines in the Hamptons and found time between trans atlantic flights to work vintages amongst the Grand Cru vineyards of La Bourgogne. Ellis ultimately made the great lifelong sea change in favour of our land downunder. He settled on a farmstead outside Leongatha, amongst the slow ripening pastures of Gippsland and established a vineyard called Bellvale. It is now a place of fully mature vines and old world Burgundian techniques, sur lie et sauvage, barrel ferments and batonnage. Bellvale remains artisanally small batch, just 23 hectares of vine yields a measured harvest of spectacular quality Chardonnay and Pinot.. Placing pinot amongst the pastures»

Buller Fine Old Muscat CONFIRM VINTAGE

Muscat Murray, Rutherglen Victoria
Winner of 'Wine of the Year' at the.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Time is an essential element in the making of fine quality fortified wines. To create the rich and complex flavours of Buller Fine Old Muscat, the wines in this blend have had to spend years slowly maturing in old oak casks. Fully matured when released and ready for immediate consumption. Gracefully maturated in old oak hogsheads. Alcohol 18.
Colour and appearance of the Buller Fine Old Muscat is a mid reddish brown showing amber hues. Aroma and nose is milky, nutty, with perfumed raisin-fruit bouquet. Initial sweetness on the palate, then raisiny flavours linger to reveal hints of toffee. Underlying structure of tannin and well integrated spirit. Finish is long and the raisin flavours return and linger in the mouth.
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1 - 8 of 8 1