Cofield Chenin Blanc 2011 CONFIRM 2011 VINTAGE

Chenin Blanc Rutherglen Victoria
The vineyards of Rutherglen are planted to soils that are underlayed by veins of quartz, which enhance the warm continental climes, trapping the sun's heat during the day and releasing it over the cooler nights to encourage development of natural sugars and rich flavours in the fruit. Cofield have been growing grapes in Rutherglen for generations. They know the land best and retain the finest low yielding vines. Fruit is picked throughout the chill of early morning to capture the piquant aromaticness and varietal complexity which lends Chenin Blanc such charm.
The Cofield family were an essential part of St Leonards Vineyard since 1909. Max would spend his summers there during the school holidays before landing himself principal roles at Seppelt and All Saints. In 1985, Max decided it was time to brand his own wines. Harvests of Chenin Blanc picked off vines grown to the Cofield property are treated to a cold, whole bunch press, preserving freshness and crisp revitalizing acid structure. Juices are coolly fermented for several days at temperatures lower than 10C. Upon achieving optimum balance between flavour, acid and sweetness, ferments are arrested and the wine is centrifuged to spin off gross lees before a light filtration and bottling.
Pale straw colour. Fully aromatic with characters of yellow apples, apricots and pear. Ripe flavours on the palate, a generously proportioned wine layered by complex stonefruit sweetness, balanced by crisp acidity. A refreshing finish, easy to appreciate and well suited to all good food.
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