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Pinot Noir King Valley Victoria
The Brown Brothers Pretty in Pink is exclusively 100% Pinot Noir. This delicious mouth-watering wine makes the perfect partner to a wide range of dishes. It would be fabulous with a pasta dish or a pizza garnished with savoury elements such as anchovies, olives and capers. Equally suited as a delicious partner to smoked salmon, or as a wonderful accompaniment to a platter of goat's cheese – the slight tartness of the wine working fantastically with the bite of an acidic and flavoursome cheese style.
The juice of the King Valley Pinot was macerated with the skins of the dark-coloured grapes until the required colour was reached. The juice was then separated from the skins and fermented in the white wine manner. The fruit was harvested in parcels from early March until mid March 2006 at a range of baume levels from 11.7 to 14.2. It was bottled soon after fermentation was completed with an alcohol of 12.5%, a pH of 3.33, and an acid level of 8.5gr/l.
The 2006 Rose is a bright, attractive, vibrant watermelon colour. Hand picked from the King Valley this Pinot Noir Rose has aromas of watermelon combined with hints of rose petal and a touch of strawberries. The palate inspires words such vibrant, racy, fresh and zesty. Classic in the European Rose style the wine is almost savoury with a hint of citrus; a lip-smacking wine that makes your mouth water with desire for more. With a crisp refreshing finish, chill and enjoy this wine with or without food.
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