Nicolas Feuillatte Blanc de Blancs 2002 CONFIRM 2002 VINTAGE

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Chardonnay Champagne Epernay France
This exceptional Champagne is composed exclusively of Chardonnay, grown on a singular terroir, the great Côte des Blancs. Nicolas Feuillatte has claimed Gold Medal Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Silver Medal Mundus Vini, Bronze Chardonnay du Monde, and Bronze Medal Challenge International du Vin for Blanc de Blancs. The most progressive of all Maisons du Champagne, Nicolas Feuillatte sources grapes from 4800 winegrowers dedicated to the highest quality, from over 1,200 acres among the Premier and Grands Cru vineyards.
Gold Medals, International Wine Challenge France, and the Prix d'Excellence. Through the course of winemaking, almost 400 clear wines are analysed, commented upon and criticised, one by one, at the rate of twelve samples per session. After determining the characteristics of each wine, the blend for the final cuvee is decided. A secondary fermentation in the bottle, with a mixture of liqueur and yeast, known as the liqueur de tirage.
Subtle pale hues, abundant mousse. Magnificent bouquet, limes and tropical fruit, brioche and meal, mineral aromas, the chalk on which it thrives. Palate is immense, majestic, harmonious, complex, green apple, dried figs, honeysuckle, pure dry mountain pine and the mineral backbone of the Côte des Blancs chalky vineyard. Harmonizes beautifully with the freshest oysters or most elegant desserts.
Nicolas Feuillatte
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