Inniskillin Niagara Vidal Sparkling Ice Wine 375ml

Vidal Niagara Canada
The aromatic French Vidal is the grape of choice for making Canadian Icewine. A long and steady ripener, it has rich, full aromas and flavours balanced by firm acidity. The ripe berries are dehydrated through constant freezing and thawing, a process that concentrates the sugars, acids and extracts, intensifying flavours and developing immense complexity. A joy for those who are accustomed to the best and appreciate the finest, delightful with fondue, sublime alongside recipes calling on roquefort, mascarpone or gorgonzola. Simply exquisite on its own.
Exclusively Vidal grapes grown on the Niagara Peninsula, fermented to capture the natural petulance of the grapes, and bottled without oak treatment. The entire vineyard is carefully covered with netting to protect the sweet, ripe berries from ravaging birds. Some of the crop is always lost to wind damage and the weight of snow. Harvested at the zenith of Canada's crisp winter, the grapes are naturally frozen on the vine and picked when the temperature drops to -10C. The removal of ice crystals from frozen grapes during pressing concentrates the juice, achieving the rich and alluring nectar known as Icewine. Treated to fermentation in sealed vessels which trap naturally occurring carbonation in the wine. Approx 9.0%
Pale gold in colour with the most luxuriantly delicate bead. Inniskillin has delicious aromas of apricot and pear, nectarine, citrus and ginger. Luscious tropical fruit flavours, citrus confection and ginger marmalade, rancio and violet, tobacco leaf and grapefruit, a very clean and discernible cornucopia of winsome characters ranging from mango to lychee to apricot, enhanced by rind and pith and caramel. Inniskillin culminates in a dazzling and delicate, petulant finish.
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